Entering the Sacred Portal

Explore the Intuitive Power of Your Yoni and Womb through Art

Entering the Sacred Portal is an online personal, soulful retreat that you can do in the heart of your own home or a special place in nature.

This retreat is an invitation for you to connect and experience the feminine energy that is held within the womb and yoni. This power, and our connection to it, has been lost over time through cultural references, history and media portrayal of what being a woman means.

It’s time that we reclaim and understand who we truly are, and how power and vulnerability act together to manifest creation at the purest level.

This retreat uses visual journey, movement, and art as a vehicle for self-understanding and deep connection to the feminine self as a power source and creative energy.

This is a guided experiential journey into discovering the purest power of the sacred feminine through connection with the body and soul. It’s a journey of awakening the Goddess self, an acceptance of oneself out of higher knowledge and experience, not through logic or intellectual understanding.

To experience this retreat to the fullest, I invite you to take the weekend off and make yourself the number one priority. Be ready for guidance and discovery of your tender, deep feminine and powerful self, your true being, birth-right and blessing as a woman.

It is an intimate, beautiful, creative process that should be taken as an inner retreat. My voice and guidance and your art will support and encourage you along this deep journey.




It will help you to develop a strong and sacred connection with your body, your feminine energy, power and softness, awaken and deepen in to your sensuality and cultivate a more intimate connection with nature, with Earth and with yourself.

Developing this relationship with yourself supports all your relationships to thrive as you empower yourself.

Our sense of the sacred can get lost in our modern world. In this retreat, you'll learn what sacred means to you and how to integrate it into your relationship with yourself and your life.

Through simple embodiment practices, journal prompts, guided visual journeys, an art workshop and more, Entering the Sacred Portal offers a content rich personal retreat that will help align you back to the centre of your feminine presence and power.

You’ll be more in tune with your feminine rhythms and body which supports your creativity to flourish and enhances your self-confidence and joy.

Through the energy of the yoni and womb, we can root and ground ourselves into the heart of this Earth. Receive wisdom and guidance and learn to TRUST our inner voice while feeling our sensuality more deeply and allowing our creativity to flow.

Empower yourself – Enter the Sacred Portal to explore the Intuitive Power of your Yoni and Womb through Art!

Others say:

This retreat is a way of connecting back with self, life, cycles and flow.  If you struggle to find the time for such a short online retreat, then you are exactly the person who should be doing it!”- FC

 “It’s for women looking for a deeper creative connection to their bodies and their world. Who want to explore intuitive creative expression through sensual connection to their physicality, who are exploring self-love...and it's for women who want to learn to connect and trust inner guidance and intuition.” – AH.

"It's such a nurturing retreat!" - AH

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Some of the Creative Goodness that you'll receive:

"Dark Seed" - Entering the Sacred Portal Art by Jane Cormack

What others have been saying about this course:

Ali Hodgson

I highly recommend!

This course is great! I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in exploring their feminine power through creative expression. Jane expertly guides you into beautiful and sensual connection with yourself, and from that place encourages you...

Faith Canter

Perfect, Passionate & Peaceful Course!

For any women thinking they don’t have the time for a mini retreat for yourself, this is for you! You need it the most, as did I! From spending just a few hours totally immersed in this retreat I learnt so much about myself and where I am right ...

Sabine Ramin

Entering the Sacred Portal

It can be easy to forget about our sacred connection from the womb to the earth and also that it takes action to reconnect. After doing the Entering the Sacred Portal visual journey (my highlight!), I suddenly felt this connection during my day an...

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2 Videos
1 Survey
7 Texts
2 PDFs
8 Audios
Jane Cormack
Jane Cormack
Your Guide

About the instructor

Jane is a Feminine Embodiment, Empowerment & Creativity teacher, an author, writer, artist and designer. She guides women to connect to and re-remember their sovereignty. To feel empowered as a woman and embody their feminine fullness and natural sensuality, feel freedom in the unique expression of who they are and be creatively alive and lit up from the inside out. Her work helps women to feel rooted and grounded within, connected to nature, confident and aware that their voice, presence and purpose in the world, matters.

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Q: How much time will I need to do this retreat?

A: I recommend a minimum of 4 hours straight. But an entire afternoon or day is ideal. The programme is designed as a personal retreat to give space in your life for sacred contemplation and connection

Q: What is an online retreat?

A: Rather than travel to an 'in-person' retreat on a specific date, you can choose to take this retreat when it feels right for you. All the guidance, practices, tools and materials are provided via audio, video, PDFs, images, text and music, so that you can relax and feel 'held' in this beautiful, nurturing experience. You can pause, repeat and truly follow your own feminine rhythms. This is a tactile retreat experience so you won't be sitting in front of the computer the whole time.

Q: I'm not an artist and I can't paint, do I need to be able to draw or paint to participate?

A: No you don't need to be an artist. Expressing through art in this course is about exploring and connecting to the 'soul' of your art which is an extension of you. Whatever marks, lines, colours or textures you intuitively make will be perfect

Q: What is a Yoni?

A: Yoni is the Sanskrit word for 'vagina' or 'vulva' which symbolises a divine and visible form of Shakti (female) energy or Goddess. Yoni is 'the sacred portal' that I talk about in this programme and so I chose to use the word 'Yoni' as it more closely represents 'the sacred portal'.

Q: Is there any nudity in the content of the course?

A: Since we're discussing yonis and wombs, you might think so, but no. But if it feels great to be in the nude while you do this retreat, then go for it! 

Q: Is there a live or group element to this course?

A: No, this is a self-guided online retreat for women who enjoy moving through material in their own time with a supportive structure and guidance tools

Q: Can I have 1:1 support?

A: If you feel that you'd like additional support or guidance after the course, then I offer 1:1 mentoring options for an additional cost

Q: Can I share my art somewhere?

A: Although there is no dedicated sharing platform specifically for this course, you'll be invited to share your art in our Language of the Feminine Facebook group at the end of the retreat and interact with a global community of women

Q: Will I have access to all the programme material immediately?

A: Yes, since this is a retreat designed to be taken in one sitting (which you can repeat as many times as you'd like), you'll have access to the whole programme as soon as you purchase it. That said, there is absolutely a sequence to moving through this retreat, if you jump to the middle or the last piece, it won't 'work' in the way that I designed it to, so, to get the most from it, do follow the sequence as outlined.

If you have other questions about the retreat that haven't been answered here - reach out and ask - Contact Jane