Your Feminine Intelligence & Why You Need It

In this webinar (recorded live in November 2018) – Jane introduces the concept and term Language of the Feminine (which she coined), and Feminine Intelligence. She shares what this means and why it’s important for us to re-connect and re-embody this innate intelligence that we all have access to.

Through this beautifully designed webinar, we delve into the language of creativity, intuition, sensuality and female cycle awareness, we explore the theory of multiple intelligences as ways to understand, embody and express the deep mystery, power and beauty of the feminine.

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Course Leader

Jane Cormack

With 13 years of experience leading workshops, retreats, classes and circles for women, Jane continues to inspire and support women around the world, to re-connect with their feminine intelligence, natural rhythm, creativity and power and ultimately, to guide women back to their own sovereignty so that they can feel a sense of home and belonging within themselves and in the world, aware that their voice, presence and purpose, matters.


  • Are there any hidden fees for this webinar?

    No. It's completely free and for your personal use only (i.e. please do not share for any commercial or non-commercial purposes).

  • How long will I need to watch this webinar?

    It's just under 1 hour, so give yourself about an hour or a little more if you want to pause and take breaks.